Worx Turbine 600 Leaf Blower Review An Affordable Powerhouse

WORX Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower Review

A powerful, sturdy, and affordable electric leaf blower

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WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

The Spruce / Shannon Wells

Ergonomically designed

Very powerful

Disassembles for easy transport and storage

No vacuum or leaf shredding feature

Highest setting can cause arm fatigue

Limited range due to cord

The WORX Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower can gently blow newly fallen leaves from your flower beds, move heavy piles of post-storm leaves from your lawn, and do just about everything in between. Plus, it’s an affordable pick with a sub-$60 price tag.

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

The Spruce / Shannon Wells

We purchased WORX’s Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower so our writer could put it to the test in her own yard. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you have outdoor space to maintain, the proper tools can make tasks like spring cleaning and winterization a breeze. We tested the WORX Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower throughout autumn to see if it could handle our half-acre, a space that’s home to more than 20 trees, 800 square feet of English ivy, and half a dozen or so gardens. Read on to see how the WORX leaf blower performed and how it measures up to the competition.

Design: Clean and simple

When it comes to design, there’s a lot to like about the WORX Turbine 600. The major standout features are the variable speed control, the wide-mouth hyper-stream nozzle, and the well-designed extension cord retainer. The cord that comes with this leaf blower features a three-pronged plug and it’s just under 1-foot long. With a cord that short, it’s an absolute must to have an extension cord to operate this (and all) corded leaf blowers.

This leaf blower shaved several hours off our typical raking routine.

To get the most power from this 12-amp leaf blower, picking the right extension cord is key. For distances less than 50 feet, a 16-gauge light-duty cord should do the trick. If you’re going further distances, though, you may want to opt for a 14-gauge cord. Once we had our extension cord, we were happy to find the extension cord retainer at the back of the unit. The retainer allows you to secure your cord through a loop so even if your cord gets stepped on or snagged, your leaf blower won’t lose power. This little retainer is a big help when you’re navigating through a yard with shrubs, rocks, sticks, and trees. Whenever we got snagged on anything, we just felt a gentle tug rather than a total loss of power.

When compared to a gas-powered leaf blower, the WORX offers a much cleaner performance (there are no fumes) and far less upkeep. The manufacturer also explains that this model is twice as powerful as most gas-powered blowers due to WORX’s jet engine-inspired design. With all this air power, just make sure you’re taking the proper steps to perform yard maintenance safely.

Lastly, the WORX Turbine 600 easily disassembles for storage and transport. At 40 x 11 x 9.6 inches and 6.4 pounds, the unit isn’t that large, so you don’t have to take it apart if you don’t want to. We have room in our garage to leave it assembled, but it’s nice to have the option to break it down if you plan on putting it in a closet or crowded storage area.

Performance: Powerful yet manageable

When the leaf blower isn’t on, the weight of the machine balances easily in one hand and is comfortable to carry around while setting up your work area. Once we plugged it in, we were immediately impressed by the power of the WORX Turbine 600. The variable speed options offer two settings, one that runs at 60 MPH and another at 110 MPH. We found that the 110 MPH setting makes very quick work of a yard full of leaves and we were able to move a sizeable amount of leaves from the back of our yard to the front (a distance of roughly 300 feet) in just 30 minutes. This leaf blower shaved several hours off our typical raking routine.

While the WORX website mentions easy one-handed use as a product feature and we’d tend to agree when working at its low setting. We found that working one-handed for several minutes at max speed left our arms tired, though. Not so much because of the weight or design of the leaf blower itself, but the power of the blower. Luckily switching to two-handed use is easy and it made managing the tool’s top speed much easier.

To test the lower speed setting, we used it to clear out our gardens and flower beds. It was easy to move debris like leaves and sticks without pushing around the mulch or damaging our plants. It also made tidying up the patio, a task that would usually take 15 minutes with a broom, a 3-minute job. We’re also looking forward to using this leaf blower to dry our cars after quick washes in the spring once the warmer weather arrives. If you’re just learning how to use a leaf blower, the WORX Turbine 600 is a perfect starter model.

Price: Serious bang for your buck

At around $60, this is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who has an outdoor area to maintain. We couldn’t find a better performing or more durable product at this price point.

While the WORX Turbine 600 Electric leaf blower comes with a two-year limited warranty with purchase, customers also have the option to extend the warranty to three years by simply registering the product online at the WORX site. This added perk is something to keep in mind when assessing the competition.  

Competition: Head to head, it’s unbeatable

Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac: If you’re looking for a leaf blower that has more functionality, the Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac is worthy of your consideration. For roughly $10 more, you get a unit that functions as both a vacuum and a mulcher. Its heavy-duty metal impeller and bag attachment make clean up a breeze and eliminate the hassle of figuring out what to do with big piles of leaves. If you compost, this blower/vac combo is likely your best bet.

Greenworks Cordless Blower: If you’re only caring for a small area or if the area you need to access isn’t within reach of an extension cord, the Greenworks Cordless is a good option. It’s battery-operated, charges in just 30 minutes, and is powerful enough for you to clear your typical lawn debris. It’s not as powerful as the WORX, but in a smaller space, you likely won’t notice the power difference.

 Go get yours now.

The WORX Turbine 600 is a low-maintenance, high-powered leaf blower that performs exceptionally well. You can’t beat the price, either.

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